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Working Within The Power of God

When God has not given you something to do, everything you do is done in your own power, not in God’s power. Today we are talking ab...

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It Is Well

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We all need and should want the power of the Holy Spirit in our life. We all should be asking God to baptize us in the Holy Spirit....
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The Prompting of The Holy Spirit

If you ask my kids what is one thing your dad says all the time, they’d probably say, “Do what you’re told, when you’re told”. Today...
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Truths About Love

There are many ideas about what love is and isn’t. Today, we’re looking at some truths about love on Cell Life Church Live
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The Joy of Worshipping God

There is so much more to worshipping God than singing a song printed in a book or shown on a screen. Today we are talking about the...