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Pentecost and Holy Spirit Baptism

There is something that happened 2000 years ago today that changed Christ-followers. Do you know what it was? I will give you a hint...

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The Gospel is More Than Enough

The word gospel is an interesting word. It simply means good news. Is that all there is to it? Stay with us to learn more on Cell Li...
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Blessed During Persecution

Count it all joy, brothers and sisters, and co-heirs with Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven is ours. Today we’re talking about being ble...
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Jesus Is Ready When You Are

There are some wrong ideas about God and about how and when He shows up in our time of need. Today we are talking about Jesus is rea...
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Be Encouraged

We always leave you with the same blessing at the end of each of our webcasts. We always say, “Be encouraged, in Jesus’ name”. This...